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10 Reasons Why She Will Leave You

I get called to counsel warring lovers.
Of recent these calls have increased in frequency. Many of them, from repeat ‘offenders’.

Especially married folk. The thread that held marriages of old together, seems to now be out of stock, or made of inferior thread. Or maybe the quality of materials the same old thread is supposed to hold together, is what is actually inferior.
However I digress, forgive me.

As some of you are aware, I conducted a survey yesterday. Hence this piece. The results were not at all what I expected. The results are listed from the most occurring reason (from the survey) to the least occurring.
Below are 10 reasons why your wife, lover, girlfriend will leave you:-

At 98% occurrence in my polls, this tops the list. She will always leave a woman beater. She will run away from protracted exposure to physical, and for some, emotional abuse. So, Captain Caveman, up your emotional sensitivity. Except if you’re Tarzan and she’s Jane.

The ladies say they would leave you if they thought you no longer loved them. How they get to that conclusion is an angle my polls did not cover. “Faith cometh by hearing I guess? Tell her you love her…often too! (Dumbo!!)

Yeeeeesh! Is that even possible in this day and age? Are there really men out there that do not know that great lovers are made, not born. With all the adult educational material out there, all the sex aids and paraphernalia… And you still can’t shag her properly?! Dude…seriously?!! Also closely related was ‘small penis’. I’m not even going to delve into that matter…you need Jesus for that issue. Or revert to my first paragraph, same point.

Coming in at number 4, and with over 75% frequency, I guess its serious to women. I don’t know how much you earn sir, or how extravagant she can be…I have no inclination as to the degree of your financial intelligence, or how materialistic she is…but I am sure there is a midpoint for both points of view? Thank you…

This position surprised me. I expected it to top the polls. Even in attempting to explain this problem, I got the impression that they were acting out an expected reaction as opposed to really detesting it. Either way, you now know most women will leave your cheating behind… (With “half”, of everything. Esther wants half the errant penis too!)

Acting shady. When she cannot rely on you. When she knows you do not trust her. When she does not trust you either. The dynamics of trust are too intangible to simply write on. In my opinion, this is the number 1 problem of most relationships. It should have topped my polls. Loss of trust is why a man would go rogue.
I’ll treat that in “10 Reasons Why He Will Leave You”

Another surprise for me. I expected this higher up. “Everybody lies”, I always say. But I think our women prefer honesty. Lying begets more lies. Its a dirty cancer that will ruin all you hold dear. It’s enough to make her leave you apparently.

Your woman wants you secured spiritually. She knows that if you believe in God, there are many ills and sins you would not commit. She would rather see you as her high priest and her king all rolled in one. She wants you to be her spiritual head.

They really seem to prefer their men in charge. Feminism aside, they want you to lead. They are quite comfortable following you. There are many twists to this point of view, because there are exceptions to every rule. And because the players are not stupendously wealthy. Its deeper than I have the ability to cover here.

Hmmm…whatever this means. Coming from the sex with the power to mix messages, market them and profit from sale of same…I am afraid I will have to leave this point alone. In fact the respondent with this reason possesses the talents of misinformation and disinformation. She is frightfully intelligent too. Maybe she said this just to mess us (men) up.

So, there are the reasons why she will leave you. If she hasn’t left already. I hope it helps you out.
I will post 10 reasons why HE will leave in a couple of days.

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