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My ‘1’

I have always loved you. It has always been you.

I fell in love with your mind. These days not so much, your mind has changed. So, the perv in me is now in love with your body.

The curious blend of your hair length and skin tone, your flair and feminine charms. Your delicate fragrances, your adorable eyes…they please my eyes. They stimulate my senses.

I love to hear you speak my queen. Your accent and diction make any subject palatable. And when you’re angry or upset, despite your tone of voice or the issue at hand, its hard to take you seriously. You are incredibly sexy when you’re angry luv!

I see you. I really do.
I don’t like you sometimes, but I still need you close by.
I am learning you more and more. Your strengths and your weaknesses.
Your capabilities and your true alliances.
I see you. I really do.

Thank you for loving me back. Thank you for trying to be my friend.
I appreciate your good graces.
I celebrate who you were; and the person you have become.
I will always love you regardless.

Lovealways babes.

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