Dear You,

Hope the lies are working out well for you?

Yes I know; that you are a malicious liar and manipulator.

I know that you are stuck too. Bit off a bit more than you could chew huh? Karmas’ a bitch yeah? I feel sorry for you.

Funny how everyone but me saw your empty pride and deviousness. Guess I chose not too, in retrospect, the signs were always there. I hope you fall no lower. I hope you debase yourself no further, you are currently in a sewer. We all can see and smell the shit you really are.

You are smart, I’ll grant you that. But not half as smart as you think you are. If you were, you would cut your losses and abandon this foolhardiness. But you’re not…tragic. You will certainly reap the reward of your tomfoolery.

I never lose. Especially when I know I am right. And when I finally know my adversary. I know you now. I’ve seen and read your play…you, like countless before you, (most of them mightier and smarter) will fail.

I now know everything.

You will cry and beg me. And I will forgive you.

I am benevolent and magnanimous like that.



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