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Why Do Women Sit ‘There’?

So here I am lying face up, and wifey sashays into the bedroom. Hops upon the bed and atop my prone self. Then proceeds to casually settle on my crotch facing me.

Now I was married a virgin (shut up!), I’ve known no other woman but my wife (seriously, shut the *#×° up). But I hear that women usually just sit in the same position on men worldwide.

Now, why there? Why not on our thighs? Or on our chests? Or even on our stomachs? Why always on the crotch?

Does the move suggest some inborn predisposition to a female superior position of lovemaking? Is it in their genes to just know that position?

Or maybe as rational human beings they simply reason that any other part of the male anatomy would hurt to sit on? Or not be as comfortable for them?

Or is this position stimulating for women? Like why some women like to ride horses? Does the pressure to their crotch…ours to theirs; stimulate them? As it no doubt stimulates us? Is it a percussor to pleasures to come?

Or maybe they sit on our crotches because they are comfortable with us? Maybe it is a gesture of intimacy. I’m certain women don’t hop atop every man they find lying face up and sit on their crotches. Maybe its only with their lovers they do this? Or with lovers they also like?

Why don’t men sit on women lying face up? Outside the scope of my discussion… Apologies.

I’d like to understand this some more. Its not likely to make me richer after I do know, but the knowledge would free my mind for profitable ventures. I hope…

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